Elwyn, Donald & Pauline Embury
240 Embury Rd., RR 1 Newburgh, ON K0K 2S0
Main Office: (613) 378-6632
Cattle Office: (613) 378-2701
Fax: (613) 378-1646
Res: (613) 378-2224
[email protected]


Fri. Sep. 15, 2023
6:30 p.m.
At the farm


In 1955 the Embury poultry operation started as one floor above the dairy barn. The first wire floor barn was built in the early 1960's. The farm became known as Embury Bros. Poultry Farms. Gradually more layers were added to the farm and poultry took precedence over the dairy cattle. In 1972, the first 50,000 bird Diamond high-rise was built. Long before HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) was thought of, showers and a high standard of bio-security were in force at all poultry barns. In 1985 River Valley Poultry Farms Ltd. came into existence operated by Elwyn Embury, his daughter Pauline and son Donald. River Valley Poultry Farms Ltd. also operates River Valley Polled Herefords, with a seedstock herd of 140 cows, feedlot and 1,000 acres of cropland in the Newburgh and Napanee, Ontario area.

Layer barn 8 was added in the spring of 2010. The added barn allows us to give more space per bird, making for a more comfortable environment for our layers.

With 8 layer barns connected by an in-line gathering system as well as 4 pullet barns and the cattle operation, we now employ a staff of 30 full time.

2010 will mark the 25th anniversary of River Valley Poultry Farms Ltd. and River Valley Polled Herefords.

As well, on the farm we operate “The Egg Basket" a small farm store selling our farm fresh eggs and beef as well as other local products.

The store is open Monday through Saturday from 9:30 am until 4:30 pm and is closed on Sundays.

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